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Our association will propose workshops of
Long stick
of TaiJi Quan
8 gates push hands martial applications (Qinna of TaiJi )
San Shu : high level form Duet Set

It is possible for us to organize demos of our specialties anywhere in the world.
Do not hesitate calling on the phone, we will be glad to provide you with more details.

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Dear martial artist friend,

I can offer you Tai Ji Quan training courses in three rare registers of Tai Ji Quan, namely: Sanshu (“scattering hands” duet form), Tai Ji Gun (long stick of Tai Ji Quan, Yang style), and Pao Chui (fast form of Yang style, lineage Yang Chao Hou). These can be adapted to any levels: beginner, skilled or teacher.

I am a high level Tai Ji Quan competitor, many time gold medal winner for solo and duet in French and European championships (2002 in Vejle, Denmark; 2004 in St Petersburg, Russia…), teacher since 1980’s.

If you have no time to read further, just look at my videos on You Tube:
Type: “taijigun Dussauchoy” or

Sanshu is the codified duet form
, well-known all over the Tai Ji Quan world, but which I teach in a particular way: each movement is individually studied as a martial application and a specific Tuishu (sticky hands). Moreover, Sanshu is divided in fifteen sections named loops, which are practiced at stationary steps. These loops represent high-level Tuishu, which allow a simplified way of learning arm movements of Sanshu. Steps are then progressively introduced into these loops. Traditional Sanshu of course includes mobile steps. For sure, “wordy” explanations are so much poorer as practicing! Looking at our videos is a plus and practicing is even better! Sanshu is not only a form; much more it creates an arborescence in the multiplicity and variety of techniques and practice methods. It also allows a better understanding of the martial applications of the solo form and so enlighten the solo form practice. (For a more detailed introduction to Sanshu, Tuishu and Loops, we have videos for sale).

Tai Ji Gun
(long stick of Tai Ji Quan), height from floor to eyes) is a very rare section of Tai Ji Quan, even in China. Even rarer are the teachers who have the knowledge of the martial applications of each Tai Ji Gun movement and do agree to teach it!!! The “sticky sticks” (Nien Gun, equivalent of the Tuishu for bare handed Tai Ji Quan) are also one of my specialities. There are many little basic exercises of Nien Gun and the “must” is a codified duet stick form (called San Gun), in which the solo form is included. SanGun is the equivalent of SanShu but for Tai Ji Gun. Each movement of the form (slow or martial fast form) correspond to one or many martial applications (strikes, locks, projections) and sometimes to specific Nien Gun (sticky sticks). A fast form of Tai Ji Gun does exist, where Fa Jing is expressed.

Sanshu and Tai Ji Gun are accessible to any level of practicing, as the teaching is really progressive from basic fixed stance exercises and walks to the forms and their applications. 

Pao Chui (“cannon fist”)
is the genuine fast set of Tai Ji Quan Yang style (lineage Yang Chao Hou) in three parts, where Fa Jing, of course, is also expressed. It’s quite easy to learn this long form or someone who knows the slow form in three parts (108 or 84 movements, depending on how you count). My courses of Pao Chui include basic exercises, both static and with walks, martial applications and pushing hands (Tuishu).

I learned most of my Tai Ji Quan with three very skilled teachers: Jean Gortais (disciple of Li Huang Hua), Wang Wei Guo and Hou Yao Shi. I also learned Chen style Xiao Jia (short form) with Philippe Raffort, Chen Pei Shan and Chen Pei Ju.

I would be glad to share my knowledge of these three exciting and rare sections of Tai Ji Quan with other Tai Ji artists. I can travel everywhere for training courses of one weekend or longer, and this over many years, according to the demand. It is possible to contact me by e-mail, by phone or even to write me a letter! Do not hesitate!!!

5, impasse St Sulpice
Tel: +33681772578 or +33147492439

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